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A practitioner journal primarily features content written by people who work (practice) in the field, rather than articles written by those who work in academic institutions like a university or college. "Trade publications" and "practitioner sources" seem to often be used interchangeably. Luckily, many databases do offer settings/limiters to narrow down results to just those from trade publications. 

As an example, the widely-used, general database ProQuest Central provides a trade publication limiter on its results pages. From any results page in ProQuest Central, find the "Source Type" heading on the left margin and click Trade JournalsNote: You may need to click the More > link in order to see the Trade Journals option. This should narrow down all your results in ProQuest to just those from trade journals/publications. 

Many other databases have similar limiters, though their titles and headings may differ a bit in name. As an example, "Content Type" may be used instead of "Source Type." Unfortunately, EagleSearch does not have a trade publication limiter, so, your best bet will be to use some of our individual databases from our Research Databases page. 

For more information on some defining characteristics of trade publications, see our Understanding Journals: Peer-Reviewed, Scholarly, Trade & Popular guide. 

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