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Finding primary sources can be challenging. We recommend viewing the How to Find Primary Sources guide.

Here are some additional ideas to get you started:

  • We suggest you learn some background on your topic and get ideas about what primary documents might exist. You should also consider what relevant keywords might be best to use in searches. 
  • You can use the library's EagleSearch to search for items about related events, important names, legal actions, government documents, photos, interviews, and newspaper stories from the time period.
  • Some of the library's databases containing primary sources include HathiTrust, Evolution of Flight, JSTOR, Issues & Controversies, and In Context: Opposing Viewpoints (use Advanced search and Primary Sources filter).
  • Citation chaining - look at references in relevant articles and books to see what original docs might exist. Then you can search for those. See our Citation Chaining guide for more information. 
  • Below are a few example websites that may be helpful. Use Google to find more:

National Archives

Digital Public Library of America Primary Source Sets

Florida Digital Newspaper Library

Library of Congress Digital Collections 

Aviation Archives

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