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Last Updated: Jun 09, 2021     Views: 4

You may occasionally find a broken link to an online resource in EAGLEsearch. Unfortunately, these issues are often out of our control. There could be several reasons for a broken link:

  • The database vendor or publisher website may be down.
  • The database vendor or publisher may have removed the item from its website.
  • The database vendor or publisher may have provided bad linking data to EAGLEsearch.
  • EAGLEsearch has incorrect linking data in its index.
  • EAGLEsearch incorrectly indicates we have access to an item not part of our subscription.

If you click on the EAGLEsearch result title or "Full Text Online" link and get an error accessing the item, there may be alternative links you can try.

If you still can't access the resource, you can report a broken link and a research librarian will help you access the item.