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Last Updated: Dec 11, 2018     Views: 82

There are several issues that might create downloading problems.

  1. The files we send are sometimes large, based on the length of the document and the number of images within the document. Please give the document plenty of time to download.
  2. Your email settings can cause the links to not be live within the email. The quickest solution to this issue is to copy and paste the entire document link into your browser location bar. You can check with your email provider about possible changes to your email settings.
  3. Computer or system firewalls (such as on military bases) can cause issues with downloading the documents. If possible, temporarily lower the security settings on your computer or try accessing the documents from a computer in a different location.
  4. For Apple Mac computer users, the document reader that comes with the Apple Safari browser may not be compatible with the pdf documents generated by our web document delivery software. You may need to download the Firefox browser and Adobe Reader. Both of these programs are free.

For additional troubleshooting, please contact our Document Delivery Department at library@erau.edu.